Visiting the Dortmund Christmas Market

Small group excursion to Phoenixsee

Social distancing during the pandemic


Kristof defends his PhD thesis. The group joins.


Celebration time again.


Suresh and Rasmus meet their Australian collaborators. Thereafter, Rasmus is an invited speaker at the Thompson price event and the ANZmag conference.

A group breakfast in the honor of Kristof (visiting from Munich).

Himanshu and Rasmus present at the EUROISMAR in Berlin.


The warmest days of the year. Group seminar, probe installations, and self-made ice cream in the park.


July 2019: Conclusions from the group's work in the CeNS 2018 review and

some cover art activities for Himanshu's paper (compare the cover art galerie).

The alternative group picture.


The NMR lab and our corridor upstairs.


The inauguration lecture, with Profs. Paul Czodrowski and Andreas Steffen

Photo session for a local press release...

Rasmus presents the group's work at the ENC 2019.



The lab move in April.


SFB 1309 retreat in San Servolo..!

First group visit to Dortmund in March 2019.



Dortmund labspace slowly gets a shape.

Seminar on international brunch strategies.

"Group Climbing"..!

At the Christmas market @ Marienplatz


Rasmus teaches NMR at the International Summer School of Structural Biology, Rio de Janeiro, and gives a talk at the Humbold Kolleg.

With acceptance of Alex's paper, the group celebrates the 50th paper!


The group is invited for the opening of the Bavarian NMR Center building.

Planning the "Think Tank" @TU Dortmund

Group barbie @ campus end of summer 2018

Group excursion to Lake Königssee

Rasmus presenting at Euromar 2018 in Nantes.

Rasmus at the ENC...

Rasmus at the RESOLV cluster of excellence annual meeting

(also on Twitter)

Group dinner April '18


April '18: The group organizes a VCI fellows meeting.

An extremely successful SFB evaluation: Congrats to all!



The Octoberfest excursion

The new boss has arrived.


Long hours of office work. Lots of admin and "Paper Pushing".


Hard work and seminar time for some z's.


Both Petra and Rasmus present the group's work at the "Alpine conference on solid-state NMR".

A Thai lunch as an "outreach".

Cryo maintenance

Campusfest Juli '17


Group excursion to the top of the Walberg (Tegernsee)


Our 700 MHz 1.3 mm probe has been installed. Incredible!


Our 111 kHz MAS probe for the 800 MHz spectrometer is up and running! Great news! :)

Kristof made his first crystals!


Group barbecue @ LMU (Kristof left and Petra, Suresh, Max, and Rasmus on the right)

Finally! We have the wall paintings up!!!


Rasmus in San Diego (advisory board meeting UCSF) and UC Riverside: a productive visit!


Part of the group visits Budapest (and the MMCE conference)

The campus in wintertime!



The official inauguration lecture

The visit of Munich Christmas markets! (Petra, Kristof, Suresh, Rasmus, Himanshu, Elias)

The Castle Ringberg meeting

The Chemistry and Pharmacy students' conference URCUP 2016.


Now we have two high-field NMR magnets!


The new furniture has arrived!


This is our common office before the move!

Our first trip to Munich - no comment


Our first trip to Munich - Hofbräuhaus

Visiting the alpacas at the MPI campus

Rasmus invited in Hawaii.

A successful "Scientific Advisory Board" assessment at MPIbpc

A quenching 950 MHz magnet (MPIbpc Göttingen)

Our glorious soccer team (chemistry cup Göttingen)


Excursion "Walking around Göttingen" - part 1 and 2

Excursion "Walking around Göttingen" - part 3

Dr. Tomas Jacso (AstraZeneca Gothenburg) visits at the same time as the (partial) eclipse

Stephan Hell gets the Nobel Prize..!

Steinheimer Gespräche in Bad Homburg 2015

A first real (i. e., high-quality) group picture

Photo session at the MPI: Interactive discussion (of course just for the photo)

"Working at the spectrometer"

Demonstration of an NMR rotor

SFB803 Retreat close to Leipzig

Michele, Suresh, ShengQi, Gitta, Petra, Kristof, Natalia, Benjamin, Rasmus

The first group picture: ShengQi, Suresh, Gitta, Petra, Rasmus